"Hey, sleepyhead"

Porrim yawned and stretched her arms as she woke. Her eyes remained closed until she felt her arm hit a soft, warm  something on the bed beside her. She sat up quickly, rubbing her eyes and letting them focus on him. He was wrapped in his cloak and sleeping soundly. She promptly pushed him off the bed.

"The fuck do you think you’re doing here?"

Send me “Hey, sleepyhead” and my muse will react to finding yours in their bed.

strongman-freakshow said: D -[Ya up early.]->

But it’s 5 PM here…


(=^‥^=) < You caused no trouble at all! After all, I’m the one who asked to know about you. You only spoke how you felt, dear.


Still…thank yo+u fo+r being understanding.

Well what abo+ut yo+u then?

What’s it like being with the Signless and rebeling and all that?

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aight aight sorry

fin i will admit i do enjoy talkin to jadebloods..or you i guess i mean i dunno any other jadebloods

youre pretty cool tbh just not as cool as me

I guess I can deal with that

So+ ho+w are yo+u Dearie?

Anything new to+ repo+rt?

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wwrathfulangel said: jesus christ

{{ It wasn’t even planned. I was literally just walking around with a corn cob pipe in my purse and i saw this big reading chair and decided I must become my true self which is a 60 year old man }}